Curation Editor

Map Creation

Curation will display your map in a graphic and text format.

Press and hold - Drag - Drop to easily rearrange. Swiftly add text and images to simplify your editing tasks!

Curation Access

Click the bottom left icon on the map/route/group editing page to enter Curation.

Guide to Common Operations

1. Drag to Sort

Press and drag items to move them to the specific position.

2. Drag to Add

Press the "function” button, drag it to a spot, and release to add content there.

3. Swipe Left to Delete

Remove a place/route/group by swiping left on its card.

Map Curation

  1. Rename map
  2. Upload/replace map cover
  3. View all groups
  4. Swipe left to remove a card, swipe right to add a card to group
  5. Insert places/routes/stickers/text

en - 地图curation.jpg

Route Curation

  1. Delete entire route
  2. Rename the route
  3. Left swipe on a location card to remove the place
  4. Right swipe on a location card to add it to another group
  5. Tap the “Transport” icon to switch travel mode
  6. Insert locations/images/text

en - 路线curation (1).jpg

Group Curation

  1. Remove group
  2. Rename the group
  3. Add/remove route locations from routes
  4. Insert locations/routes

en - 分组curation.jpg