User case

Use Cases

Share experiences and taste

Based on taste, select and curate preferred locations with unique experiences and insights, then aggregate them on a themed map. This allows people who like your taste to follow your experiences.

Click the link to view the map:

  1. NYC's Food Map

  2. Boston Life

  3. Cheese Map🧀🇺🇸

Travel map

Whether it is a tour around or a long-distance trip, just mark the attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc., you can easily generate multiple routes and manage your daily itinerary.

Click the link to view the map:

  1. Travel in Eastern Canada✈️

  2. California Loop 14-day itinerary

Event Planning

Plan offline events with maps, real-time collaboration reduce communication costs with your team members. You can add event locations, times, and notes in one map.

Click the link to view the map:

  1. NRF 2024

  2. LA Halloween Map 🎃💀☠️

  3. Christmas Lights Shows In U.S.

Work Assistant

Let the map become your work assistant, easily embed the website and personal contact information, directly reach the target customers through the map, and open a new customer acquisition channel.

Click the link to view the map:

  1. Renting a home in Canada

  2. Research on sustainable living