Advanced Tips

The custom-label can make the place impression more personalized and immersived.

You can add any label to a place.For example, when marking a coffee shop, you can add labels such as Taste Characteristics, Decoration Style, Boss Personality, etc. , to express the uniqueness of a place.

Map case

  1. NYC‘s Food Map

  2. New York Exhibition Map

How to add label?

  1. On the map editing page, click the location name
  2. Click the "Label" column at the bottom


  1. Choose a suitable label theme
  2. You can directly select existing labels or add new labels yourself
  3. Click "Save”


How to add custom-label?

  1. Scroll down the interface to click "Custom”
  2. Custom label name
  3. Click "+" to add emoji icon
  4. Click "Save" to add custom labels