iOS widget

Advanced Tips

Currently, only the exping desktop widget is supported on iOS. After adding the widget, you can directly open the recently edited quick mark, quick search, view selected maps, etc.

Widget function

🟣 Recent Edits
Open the recently edited map with one click and quickly mark your current and surrounding locations on the map.

When you are playing, hiking or working outside, you can enter the map editing page from the desktop at any time and locate the current location directly, allowing you to mark locations more accurately and efficiently.

🟣 Exping Highlight
Browse the selected maps and get new travel inspiration at any time.You can browse selected maps directly on your desktop and open them with one click, so you don’t miss every selected location.

🟣 Search Nearby
Go directly to the exping search page to discover more city/theme maps.

How to add widgets?

Press and hold the phone screen until "+" appears in the upper left corner to enter the widget library.

  1. In the widget library, search to find “exping”
  2. Choose the features and size you want
  3. Click "+Add Widget" and return to the desktop to complete the addition