Advanced Tips

You can add checkbox to a single location or all locations to record location-related status or events. When you share a map with friends, your friends can also participate in the check-in activity of the map.


Checkbox function

  • Label
    Customize the checkbox name, such as event punch-in/check-in/vote/visit

  • Allow others to check
    When turned on, viewers of this map can also use the checkbox function of this map

  • Allow others to see the total checked
    When turned on, viewers can see the total number of checked when browsing the map

  • Range
    Set the check range, viewers of this map can only use the checkbox function within the regional scope

  • Checks as Defaults
    Add Checks to all places on the map with one click, and all new place will automatically added with checks.


Map case

  1. NYC's Food Map
  2. New York Exhibition Map

How to use checkbox?

For single loction

  1. Click on a single location to enter the location details page
  2. Click "Checks" at the bottom of the page

single loction - 1.jpg

  1. Add checks parameters

single loction - 2.jpg

For all loction

  1. Click on the upper right corner of the map to enter more interfaces
  2. Turn on”Checks as Defaults”

all loction - 1.jpg

  1. Add checks parameters
  2. Return to the map and the global checks preset is successfully opened

all loction - 2.jpg

Use scenarios

01 Checks at travel destination

Before setting off for your trip, enable the global checks preset for your travel map. Check in and visit destinations while playing on the road, and record your own travel checks map.

case - 1.jpg

02 Store visit check map

If you are a store explorer, you can mark the store you want to visit on the map. After the on-site experience, you can check "Visited" on the store you have visited to record your own store visit map.

case - 2.jpg

03 Offline event check map

Personal: When you want to participate in an offline check activity, such as stamp collecting, cycling activities, etc. You can mark the location or route of the activity on the map, record your check points when participating in the activity, and check your check-in progress at any time.

Merchants: When you need to hold an offline event, such as coffee festival, bread festival, etc. You can mark the event venue and participating offline merchant stores on the map, and add a regional check-in at the event venue. The checkbox function of the map can only be used within the set range. At the same time, you can obtain effective punch-in data analysis to assist in analyzing the number of visitors and communication intensity of the event.

04 Customer visit/business cooperation/business distribution map

Whether it is a customer visit, or business cooperation/delivery, you can use the checkbox function to directly mark your visit status, business cooperation/delivery progress, etc. on the map to clearly track and understand the completion of the work.

In addition to the above scenarios, the checkbox function can also be applied in more scenarios. For example, when planning an event, the checkbox function plays a voting/screening role and assists in the early implementation decisions of the event.