Travel plan

Use Cases

When you are a "travel enthusiast" and like to plan your travel itinerary in advance before traveling, you can create your own travel guide in exping, and you can also use the map as an electronic handbook to record your travel memories.

For example, create a travel guide map

  1. Create a map and customize the name of the map
  2. On the map editing page, click "Route”
  3. After clicking”Auto Plan”, add locations to generate travel routes


You can also try the following:

01 Use the grouping function to add attraction recommendations, food recommendations, and accommodation recommendations etc.

  1. Create new groups by location type
  2. Under the corresponding grouping, add relevant attractions, accommodations, food shops, etc.


You can enter the location editing page and click "Quicklink" to enter shortcut instructions such as scenic spot ticket purchase links, food guides, etc.

During travel, you can click on the shortcut command on the map to purchase and view tickets with one click.


03 Use the collaboration function to invite friends to edit the map together

  1. Enter the "More" page and click "Invite"
  2. You can invite friends to edit travel maps together


04 Record travel in Curation

You can record more experiences and feelings during your trip through curation, including uploading photos, adding text, etc.

exping can not only help you plan your trip, but also record the precious memories you encounter during your trip on the map.