Duplicate map

Advanced Tips

Map duplicate function

  • Copy your own map at will

  • Open copy permissions for public maps

  • Supports all information within the complete map

  • Generate one-time map copy link

  • Allows copying of maps published by other creators

How to duplicate a map?

01 Duplicate personal map

  1. Enter creation, find the map that needs to be copied, and click on the card "...”
  2. Click "Copy Map”
  3. Return to creation and you will see the copied map

duplicate personal map.jpg

02 Duplicate other people’s map

You can only duplicate a map if another creator has turned on "Allow map to be copied" for their public map.

  1. Enter Discovery, open the map you want to copy, and click "Copy Map" to the right of the map name.
  2. After the map is copied successfully, click "Go to Edit" to edit on the original map.

duplicate other people's map.jpg

  • Share a one-time link, which will become invalid after being used once
  • Each link can only be redeemed once by one user
  • The link is valid for 7 days. If not redeemed within 7 days, the link will automatically expire

How to share a one-time map copy link?

  1. Enter Creation, find the map you want to share, and click the share icon
  2. Select "Share Map Copy Link”

one-time map copy link.jpg

Use scenarios

01 Strategy sharing

When you are a travel expert, you can organize your own routes and rich travel experience on the map, and share the map for a fee through "one-time copy link" to those who believe in your taste, so that others can follow You can explore the journey at your own pace while recording a more authentic personal experience.

Use scenarios - 1.jpg

02 Work handover

When your work requires the use of maps to present content or results, such as the intermediary's housing information, the salesperson's store distribution information, the merchant's store management, the travel agency's travel route planning, the event planner's exhibition hall distribution, etc., you can Confidentially share the map content to those who need to hand over the work through "one-time copy link", effectively preventing the leakage of map information.

03 Record sharing

When you want to share some maps that record your daily life but want to hide sensitive information, such as personal growth footprints, couple dating records, parent-child play diaries, etc. that involve personal privacy such as photos and detailed text descriptions, you can use "Copy Map" Get an identical new map, remove or simplify sensitive information on the map, and then share it.