We have collected some of the most common questions users ask when using exping and provided answers. We hope this information will help you make better use of exping and enhance your creative experience. If you do not find the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us at any time.

How to recover a deleted map?

Once a map is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Please ensure you back up important data before deleting. If the map is collaboratively edited with other users, make sure all collaborators are aware of the deletion.

How to restore deleted content?

Go to the "More" page of the map where you need to restore content, tap "History" at the bottom, find the edit record you want to restore, tap the desired version, and then tap "Recover".

How to request an invoice?

Virtual products generally do not issue invoices. If you have specific requirements, please contact us at for assistance.

Is there an iPad or web version available?

The web version Beta has been officially launched. We welcome you to try it and provide feedback and suggestions. Currently, there are no plans for an iPad version.

Is international usage supported?

Yes, international usage is supported, and you can select different countries/regions when adding locations.

Public transportation routes are supported in most overseas regions. For details, please view the full support list here.

Can I export my data?

Direct export from the App is not currently supported. The data export feature is under development.

If you need to export data, please contact us via email at and we will assist you with data export after verifying your identity.

What to do if a location cannot be found?

Try the following methods:

  • Search for the specific address of the location.
  • Move the map to the approximate location, long-press the map, and find the location from the nearby places shown in the search list; or tap the "Mark Here" icon to mark the location directly on the map.

What to do if the corresponding information is not found on the map?

Please contact us via email at to provide feedback.
We regularly update map resources to provide you with the latest mapping experience.

How to adjust the order of route locations?

Select the route and click on the bottom-left corner to open the route details page, then long-press and drag the locations to adjust the order. Since version 1.9.6, you can select the route, tap the "Adjust" button, and drag to sort.

What to do if the route is inaccurate?

Tap the transportation mode icon to select from alternative route options. If there are no alternative route options, tap "Edit path" at the bottom to manually draw the route you want to display.

What to do if locations overlap and block each other?

On the editing page, tap the small icon in the lower right corner, and select the location display form from "Marker".