Collaborative Map Alpha


We encourage creators to invite family, friends, or colleagues into the creative process to transform a map from a solo endeavor into a collective masterpiece.

A collaborative map, a collective masterpiece, transcends individual creation. It's not just about locations and routes; it's a tapestry of shared memories—parents documenting a child's growth, friends recording weekend adventures, and colleagues sharing thoughts and feedback on team-building activities.

We believe this will add a unique warmth to map creation.

How to Start Collaborating?

Method 1

  1. On the created map editing page, open the "More" menu

  2. Tap "Invite" (Invite to Collaborate) under the “Share” section to invite friends to join in map creation
    开启协作 - 方法一.png

Method 2

  1. Find the map to collaborate on and tap the share icon

  2. Select "Invite" (Invite to Create) under the “Share” section to invite friends to join in map creation
    开启协作 - 方法二.png

How to End Collaboration?

  1. On the map editing page, navigate to the collaboration management section by selecting "Editing" at the bottom right

  2. Tap “Disable” to end the collaboration

How to Manage Collaborators?

  • Non-exp+ initiators can invite up to 3 collaborators;

  • exp+ initiators can invite up to 50 collaborators.

  1. Navigate to the collaboration management page, tap “All” to see all collaborators

  2. Invite or remove collaborators as needed

Collaborative Map FAQs

1. Must all collaborators be members to access premium features?

No. Only the collaboration initiator needs to be an exp+ member; other collaborators can use premium features without being exp+ members.

2. Is it required for invited friends to download the app to participate in the collaboration?

Yes. Currently, map collaboration feature is supported on mobile devices, and basic collaboration features such as location, grouping, and tagging can be edited on the web.

3. How long is the saving time for editing records?

For collaborations initiated by an exp+ member, editing records will be saved for 30 days. If the collaboration initiator is not an exp+ member, editing records will be preserved for 3 days.