Exping + Notion

Exping + Column

If you are still worried about travel planning, you might as well try Exping+Notion to quickly build a detailed travel plan.

  1. Plan your daily itinerary locations and notes on your itinerary in Notion’s Calendar
  2. Mark the travel location on exping, and plan the route for the day based on the itinerary.
  3. Use Database to allocate travel funds by category, such as accommodation, transportation, food, etc.
  4. Check the necessary items through the To-do list before departure, such as ID card, driver’s license, clothing, etc. to avoid missing items
  5. Embed exping’s map web version into Notion to see travel locations and routes directly on the map


How to embed exping map in notion?

  1. Tap the share link on the map created in exping and copy the link
  1. Paste the link into Notion and select Create embed
  2. You can intuitively see exping’s web map in Notion

Exping+Notion is simply a treasure combination for making travel plans!