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Jun 13, 2024

Efficient and Convenient Map Creation

Efficient and Convenient Map Creation

Version_1.9.6.jpgWe’re working hard to make exping even better and now all operations can be completed in the editor without switching between edit and preview modes.


  • Brand new route editing adjustments

  • Optimized map editing experience

  • Added route and place navigation


  • New weekly exp+ subscription plan

  • New map style - Ancient


  • Fixed issues with the image picker

  • Fixed known issues



May 31, 2024

Enjoy Collaboration

Enjoy Collaboration

web 0.7.jpgWeb version 0.7 brings collaboration features to map creation. You can now collaborate with other collaborators in real-time to edit maps on the web.


  • Support sending collaboration invitations

  • Support attending collaboration

  • Support managing collaborative maps and collaborators


  • Added Notification center



May 23, 2024

Better Map Sharing

Better Map Sharing

Version_1.9.5.jpgNow sharing maps will become even easier with the all-new map sharing controls and share link management, making it easier to share maps with your friends.



  • Brand new share link management

  • Ability to set expiration for shared links

  • Optimized layout for sharing pages

  • Improved quick sharing experience in the English locale


  • Added guest mode

  • Fixed known issues



Apr 28, 2024

Travel season

Travel season

Default cover-app.jpgSpring is the perfect time to embark on an adventure with your friends! Our latest update makes it easier than ever to plan your dream trip together.


  • Optimized loading animation
  • Boost Map performance
  • Fixed known issues



Apr 22, 2024



Default cover-app.jpgSpring is the season for travel. Come and invite your friends to join in creating maps together and enjoy the fun of co-creation.


  • Compatible with the map area
  • Modifiable default unit of area
  • Fixed known issues



Apr 10, 2024

Area Freedom, Creativity Unlimited

Area Freedom, Creativity Unlimited

web 0.6.jpgThe 0.6 web version brings a brand new Area feature for map creation.

The Area feature allows curators to create unique geographic areas on the map in a more intuitive and flexible way, breaking the limitation of creating only places and routes.


  • Area: Support freely adding closed areas of any shape.
  • Area Calculation: Support instantly calculating the area size.
  • Display Area Info: Support displaying area name and size on the map.
  • Area Colors: Support changing area colors to identify different contents.
  • Share: Support displaying area-related content in shared maps.


  • Support customizing the area size unit display in settings.
  • A keyboard shortcut reference is added to the map editor.

Currently, the Area feature is only available on the web version.

Learn more about the exping Web 0.6 version →



Mar 21, 2024

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Default cover-app.jpgA spring cleaning to pave the way for an exciting year ahead.


  • Unlocked markers for all regions and sea areas

  • Optimized map loading speed and experience

  • Optimized language display in certain areas

  • Fixes all identified issues



Mar 18, 2024

Fresh little things

Fresh little things

web 0.5.5.jpgA collection of fresh little updates have come to web , bringing more personalization and convenience to your map creating experience.

  • Publish your map to community
  • Support for making maps indexable by search engines
  • Change map styles
  • Change route colors
  • New personal settings
  • Support for marking maritime



Mar 1, 2024

Let Your Maps better in Exping

Let Your Maps better in Exping

Version_1.9.0.jpgExping 1.9.1 now introduces support for 4 types of third-party data import.

Simply paste a link and instantly extract place information for entry into the map or group, rendering your collection of place resources even more flexible.

For your next trip upon an intriguing guide or places, do consider importing it right into exping.


  • Supports import multiple third-party source and data links

  • Post-import, you have the option to select certain places for inclusion


  • Enables direct data input into map groups

  • Offers an option to adjust the default distance unit

  • Fixes all identified issues



Feb 28, 2024

Select multiple locations

Select multiple locations

web 0.5.2.jpgThe 0.5.2 web version brings new productivity enhancement features for explorers. You can now use Ctrl/⌘ + click to select multiple locations, and add the selected locations to a new or existing group, or create a new route. Additionally, it now supports 4 third-party data import methods.

Multiple Location Selection

  • Support using Ctrl/⌘ + click to select multiple locations
  • Support creating a new group or adding to an existing group with the selected locations
  • Support creating a new route with the selected locations

Other New Features

  • Allow customizing displayed content when sharing a map
  • Support duplicating your own maps
  • Support third-party data import



Feb 2, 2024



Version_1.9.0.jpgExping 1.9 introduces a new collection and map import function. It opens up a new dimension of convenience and creativity, allowing creators to tap into a wealth of information from their existing maps, whenever they construct new maps or enhance existing ones.

All map assets can now be efficiently reused. In addition, exping has also improved the process of importing data from third-party maps, supporting the import of partial data as needed.

For creators, the collection, utilization, and dissemination of map assets constitute the creative journey's centerpiece. We firmly believe that these new collections and import functions will make creators find more convenience in collecting inspiration and weaving maps.


  • Support for collecting places / routes / maps

  • New preview page for collected content

  • Quickly add collected content to the map


  • Import data from other maps in map editing

  • Import collection data in map editing

  • Import third-party data in map editing


  • Fresh design of exp+ member center

  • Display of all places as default when browsing maps

  • Support for selecting part of third-party map data import

  • Fixed known issues



Jan 23, 2024

More image features in Web

More image features in Web

web 0.5.1.jpgMore image features are now available on large screens, providing a richer edit experience.

At the same time, you can add intro and photos to to places, enriching your place information.

Image Update

  • Rotate images
  • Crop images
  • Duplicate images
  • Use context menu to move images
  • Add images to routes


  • Add photos in place detail
  • Support for more image formats
  • Fixed known issues



Jan 5, 2024

Full Route Navigation

Full Route Navigation

Version_1.8.3.jpgWarmest New Year greetings to our explorers!

The all-new exping 1.8.3 supports full route navigation, you can one-click to call up your favorite navigation app for full route navigation.

All locations in the route will become way-stations, showing all locations on the route at once, leading you to tour the whole route.

Find and create your favorite route, and start a new journey on exping.


  • Support full route navigation

  • Advanced loading speed for map stickers

  • Optimized support for transparent PNG format stickers

  • Improved fluidity in some scenes

  • Fixed known issues



Dec 29, 2023

Explore more exquisite map Stickers

Explore more exquisite map Stickers

Version_1.8.2.jpgMAP STICKER is one of the favorite features among our community of explorers, and with the exping 1.8.2 update, we've meticulously enhanced this feature.

Now, stickers can be freely rotated and duplicated, and can even be embedded within routes, causing every nook of your map to burst with unique patterns.

Stickers can effectively help explorers fill in details and express creativity. We are eager to see more usage of stickers on your map.


  • Rotational placement of stickers
  • Sticker cropping
  • Duplicate stickers
  • Support for Transparent PNG format
  • Ability to add stickers to routes


  • Support for adjusting the order in the Creation
  • Streamlined performance across various interfaces
  • Fixed known issues



Dec 23, 2023



Version_1.8.1.jpgDUPLICATE MAP allows creators to share their maps more freely and do secondary creation based on existing maps. In this way, creators can keep the rich content of the past while bravely exploring the unknown future.

Recognizing the critical role each edit plays, we have made the "Edit History" feature available for all maps so that creators can edit without worry.

Moreover, we've rolled out numerous updates and refinements, encompassing full-route navigation, round-trip routes, etc. We trust these updates will elevate your creative experiences, particularly during the upcoming New Year holidays.


  • Duplicate your maps

  • Enable duplicate authority for public maps

  • Generate a one-time map duplication link

  • Copy public maps in the exploration


  • Added map search feature

  • Support several third-party map collections import

  • Map edit history available for all maps

  • Allowed repeated selection of places to form round-trip routes


  • Enable full-route navigation on third-party navigation app

  • Allow to close checks animation permanently

  • Optimized place display in curation

  • Optimized “MORE” menus on the map

  • Optimize the switching effect between map editing and preview


  • Support Apple and Google Account login

  • Added export posts feature

  • Fixed known issues



Dec 14, 2023

Adding images in exping Web

Adding images in exping Web

web_0.5.0.jpgWe are excited to announce the release of exping Web 0.5, which brings a new way to add images to maps. Compared to the App version, Web adds unique features such as batch images upload, copy-paste images, and dragging and dropping images into the browser.
You can now quickly add images to any location on the map to create unique and personalized map content.


  • System Stickers: Supports adding system stickers to the map by clicking or dragging and dropping.
  • Upload Images: Supports uploading custom images by selecting, dragging and dropping, or context menu.
  • Edit Stickers: Supports adjusting the transparency and size of images.
  • Custom Icons: Supports uploading custom icons for markers.

Learn more about the exping Web 0.5 version →



Nov 24, 2023

Freeform Draw For Your Unique Routes

Freeform Draw For Your Unique Routes

Version_1.8.0.jpgRoute has always been the most popular feature on exping, and the brand new Freeform Routes will enhance the route experience even more.

Using places to generate routes is a fast choice, but Freeform Routes gives routes more possibilities. You can draw routes directly on the map as you wish, and the generated path is entirely your personalized design.

With a simple touch of the screen, you can mark points and connect them to form a new route, creating a uniquely crafted route planning.

Come and experience the brand new free route editing and share the fun of creation with friends! More about Route 2.0


  • Create a route via freeform draw
  • Point-marking for route creation
  • More route options
  • Optimized transportation adjustment experience


  • Supports custom route color
  • Display the total mileage of the route


  • One-click copy exping ID
  • Optimized route planning experience in some areas
  • New exp+ membership exclusive icon
  • Fixed known issues



Oct 23, 2023

exping Web launched

exping Web launched

web_0.4.0.jpgexping Web has finally launched and is now available to everyone! 🎉

You can use the following features to create your map. We hope that the web version will provide you with a more flexible map editing experience.

  • Marking places:Search places or freely mark them on the map. Select various emojis for different places express your .

  • Route Planning: View all places on the map, select them to create different routes, and craft your own unique plan.

  • Group Management: Easily organize routes and places into customized categories. Bring concepts and narratives to life through thematic mapping.

The design and development of the web version are also a journey of exploration for the team. We are not only considering how to present exping in a larger space, but also exploring different interaction and new ideas, making us feel more like "recreating" exping.

We hope that you can once again experience the joy of map creation on the exping web version. If you have any better ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send an email to hello@exping.world.

Get Started with exping Web →



Oct 14, 2023

Exploring more places

  • Improve the richness of location search in some areas
  • Fix known issues



Sep 29, 2023

Place Checks

Place Checks

Now, you can set and log statuses or events for points of interest (POI), such as check-ins, votes, and visit records.

Exhibit and share these checks with friends via public maps, fostering participation in map check-in activities. Checks also provides helpful data analysis, aiding in map dissemination.

Dive in and experience the dynamics of the new Place Checks feature, start by adding checks to places and sharing your maps today!


  • Add checks to any or all places
  • Verify check locations
  • Share map with place checks publicly
  • Checks public data analysis


  • Enhanced richness of POI searches in some regions
  • Quick switching between map editing and preview modes
  • Optimized map editor layout
  • Reduce the size of the installation package
  • Fixed known issues



Sep 8, 2023

Experience Enhancement in Fall

Experience Enhancement in Fall

Version_1.6.2.jpgWHAT'S NEW

  • Scaling adjustment for map stickers
  • Using exping stickers to decorate maps
  • Map proportional scale


  • Map and route curation shortcut to add group
  • Route tab to adjust route order
  • Route tab long press to delete
  • Support preview shortcut text type
  • Customize shortcut type
  • Optimization of route and group creation flow


  • Fixed exp+ sticker presentation
  • Fixed route traffic icon can’t be hidden adaptively
  • Fixed known issues



Aug 30, 2023

New map styles

  • New map styles.
  • Fixed known issues



Jul 26, 2023

Spotlight in collaborative map

exping v1.5.1 has added a new feature to the collaborative map - “Spotlight”. Now you can click on the avatar of online collaborators to synchronize their perspective in real-time and explore the vast map together.

No need to be separated by distance, spotlight can bring a smoother collaboration experience.

Thanks to engineers keen to improve the map architecture, the loading speed of the map has been greatly improved.

Collaborative map

  • Spotlight Feature
  • Support for multiple terminal logins with the same account
  • Brand new collaborator management list
  • Greatly optimized map loading speed
  • Added map display adjustment settings
  • Optimized textfield experience
  • Support for more language text input
  • Optimized poster export style
  • Fixed known issues



Jul 7, 2023

Introducing Quick Link

Introducing Quick Link

Version_1.5.0.jpgQuick Link designed to provide creators and users with convenient access. This feature aims to enhance the transition from browsing to taking action, improving overall efficiency.


  • One-click access to specified scene information
  • Supports URL/webpage/email/text/phone
  • Content is automatically parsed and matched
  • Link icons are automatically matched


  • Added reminders for co-authors’ online editing status
  • Added countdown timer when deleting maps to prevent accidental deletion
  • Optimized the logic of copying map IDs
  • Optimized the display format of location tags
    -Fixed known issues

Learn more about Quick Link →



Jun 20, 2023

Fresh design of search interface

Fresh design of search interface

Version_1.4.2_en.jpgexping v1.4.2 has improved the creation and editing features, making it easier for you to create interesting maps.

  • Fresh design of search interface
  • Address recognition for location conversion
  • Support searching POI with Area and keyword
  • Optimized POI creation process
  • Allows duplicate addition of the same POI
  • Adjusted deletion method for POIs in routes
  • Map ID copying and retrieval function
  • Sharing group poster
  • Optimized display of POIs in map overview
  • Fixed known issues



May 24, 2023

Little updated

  • Fixed known issues



May 22, 2023

Map grouping

Map grouping

Version_1.4.0.jpgSpring always the best season of travel, exping v1.4 brings the long-awaited map grouping feature. Now you can create maps with a variety of rich themes. Invite your friends to join together and enjoy the fun of making map.


  • Maximum support for displaying 20 groups.
  • Both location and route can be added to a group.
  • Freely name and categories multi-topic content.


  • Browse all places/routes in the directory
  • Route cards show transportation information
  • The location details page replaces the special topic page
  • New UI


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Route arrows have been added for the new routes
  • Optimized map story editor experience
  • Known issues have been was fixed.



Mar 30, 2023

Curation Editor optimization

  • New route cards support quick add and delete places
  • Optimized route card style
  • Optimized scrolling speed for drag and drop
  • Optimized blank text deletion


  • Optimized plac detail page style
  • Fixed known issues



Mar 24, 2023

All new Curation Editor

All new Curation Editor

Version_1.3.5.jpgIntroducing all new Curation Editor and POI detail page! Making you easier to enrich map information.

  • An easy-to-use Curation editor, drag and drop content to adjust the order, insert text images quickly.
  • More intuitive location detail page, easy to enrich location information.
  • Customize route traffic mode, record key traffic information, such as time required, ticket information, etc.
  • Support adjusting location marker display and route transportation display.

Other updates

  • Custom place rating dimension
  • Optimized the presentation of location notes
  • Optimized the saving interaction of some contents
  • Fixed some bugs



Feb 20, 2023

New POI searching and marking experience

exping brings a new POI searching and marking experience that makes it easier and faster to tag the places you want to go!


The optimized search tool makes it easy to find the locations you want to visit.


Search for a nearby area, then find the location you want with the mobile map.


Mark these unique locations directly on the map that only you know about.


  • Quick access to preview mode in map edit view
  • Added automatic language switching based on system language
  • Allows editing details of all types of locations
  • Optimized location style in the map
  • Remove imprinted location recommendations after creating a new map
  • Remove exploring nearby interesting spots



Feb 1, 2023

Optimized loading speed

This update is as follows:

  • Fixed known issues
  • Optimized loading speed



Jan 14, 2023

More poster templates


Creators will receive a weekly data summary to review the data of your creation in the previous week.


Added support for Traditional Chinese (HK) and Traditional Chinese (TW).


More poster templates are on the way.


  • Optimized the input method of map name
  • Fixed known bugs



Dec 22, 2022

Brand new 3D map viewing

Brand new 3D map viewing and editing perspective

You can now use two fingers to change the perspective of the map, edit and view the map in 3D. Embrace every corner of the map from a different perspective.

Smooth and stable map editing experience

We have deeply optimized the core experience of the map. all operations respond more quickly and stably, and the map moves smoothly. ProMotion users can also experience a more stable high refresh rate experience.

Merry Christmas map style

To welcome the arrival of Christmas, we have launched a brand new "Merry Christmas" map style, as well as many fun and cute Christmas stickers. Come and add these Christmas elements to the map poster and share them with your good friends.

New map styles for exp+

We have customized the new "Winter Snow" and "Apple Style" map styles for exp+ users, with rich 3D elements in the map styles, come and explore together.

Other updates

  • Long press route to delete
  • Multiple new posters stickers
  • Optimized part of the map editing experience.
  • Optimized poster editing experience.
  • Fixed known bugs.

Ideas are always welcome, drop us an email to share your thoughts: hello@exping.world



Dec 13, 2022

New browsing and sharing experience

New browsing and sharing experience

Exping v1.3 updates with new browsing and sharing experience. You can now better share maps with friends.



Maps supports browsing on web. You can directly browse maps without opening or downloading the app. Including zooming map, viewing locations, viewing routes, location navigation, etc.
When you use "Exping Light" map style, you can zoom the map to earth view to see the locations you marked.


From locations to routes, every creation on the map can be customized and shared in multiple new ways.


Allow public link of the map to be indexd by search engines. More people will find your interesting map through the search engine.


  • Optimize the Curation portal display of single route.
  • Optimize the navigation button of POI details page.
  • Add sharing portal on the detail page.
  • Poster Marker display switch.
  • Added multiple sharing templates.

Thanks for the below explorer for support and feedback(Nickname from source): @苗宏涛 @如何极客 @Elenamiya @xxxibgdrgn111111 @Sarah @非实时世界 @嘎里嘎气 @cici @郭朝印 @CLU @Macro @rebornix @大力麦 @胖胖的熊大 @周日见



Oct 9, 2022

Fixed: Importing Apple Map error

  • Fixed: Importing Apple Map error bug



Oct 1, 2022

exp+ official launch

exp+ official launch


🧨 exp+ official launch

exp+ is an exping membership, designed for advanced marking and map creation needs. After subscribed exp+, you can use all the advance features. We will ship more features for better marking and map creation soon.

📍 Custom Marker

Pick your favourite image as marker. It's can be your logo, pictures, etc!

🌈 exp+ exclusive app icon

🔍 Map Search included cities!
Searching for cities included in the map is now supported, enhance map search results. Discover interesting maps easily.



Sep 19, 2022

New design Exping light Map

New design Exping light Map


🐤 Early Support Benefits

By prepaying for your membership in advance, you can new feature early

🗺️ Exping Light Map (Beta)

New design Exping light Map is designed to highlight what you're marking.

🎨 More Map styles

Up to 9 map styles to suit your preferences and map theme

🛤 Route upgrade (Beta)

Route limit raised to 7, single route places limit raised to 30

🚏 New public transport - routes

Added various new public transport options in route

📸 Quick screenshot sharing

Take a screenshot within the map to quickly generate a poster to share.



Sep 1, 2022

New and More Emoji

New and More Emoji


😁 New and More Emoji

We have changed some new and added more emoji.

👏 Support in action

If you would like to support us in action, welcome.

🗺️ Adjusted map boundaries

Adjusted map boundaries based on policy.

🔍 Improved others countries places result

Added places data for 9 countries including Japan, Antarctica, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, etc.



Aug 10, 2022

Importing "Guides" from Apple Map

🗺️ New Import Source!

Support Importing "Guides" from Apple Map.

Temporary disable import from Amaps. Check our latest post for the updates.



Aug 3, 2022

Data Insight

Data Insight


📈 Data Insight

View your publish or private map statistics in creation

👍 Import your favorite list

Import your Amap's favorite place in one click



Jul 2, 2022

Share your private's map

🚀 Improved Performance

Fixed known bugs and improve app performance

🌍 Private's Map is sharable now

Share your private's map with link now

🗺️ New method share to WeChat

Share link directly to WeChat and Moments.



Jun 13, 2022

Route! Route! Route! 📣

Route! Route! Route! 📣

Version_1.1.0.jpg### 👣 Create your route
Create different route, naming each route, marking every places through your way.

  • 5 type of transportation route
  • Long press on added place, select in order it will generate a route.
  • Share your experience and description about your route on bottom left icon.

📍 Marking place freely

Drop your pin any where on map for marking any place.

🏞️ Support single poster export

Now you able to export a single poster.



Apr 22, 2022

Better Search Place

Optimized Place Searching

Searching Place not restrict by city anymore, you may search by country now. Better search result now.

Redesign Explore

Redesigned Explore, switch easily between Map and Post. Added new highlight section, feature explorer's creations.

Optimize the Experience Labeling

Less wording limit on Experience, Able to add more label.

The Others

  • Enhanced search experience
  • Modify creation step, naming before create.
  • Added:Back to current location button.
  • Double tap navigation bar back to top.
  • Back to map while viewing multi place infomation
  • Sorted navigation menu. For you to quick access creation.
    5.Optimized Community Management.

Thanks for these explorer provide us valuable feedback:
@杰里开 @cici @costa1860 @JJ @menmens @Roger @Gaga_monitoring @chenchen @CLU



Apr 8, 2022

Bug fixes and some improvements

We have made every effort to fix all the issues within the app.

We hope to significantly enhance everyone's creative and exploratory experience.

  • Adjusted the font size of the rating radar chart in the exported graphics
  • Fixed the synchronization issue with exported map data updates.



Mar 21, 2022

exping finally launched!

exping finally launched!


Exping Launch

After 3 months, exping is back, and we're thrilled to announce our official public beta launch!🎉

The newly launched exping comes equipped with substantial enhancements.
With a commitment to satisfying diverse map-making needs and assisting users in curating maps of distinguished taste and value,

exping has transitioned from a map-based community to a cutting-edge Map Marking Tool.

Stay tuned as we delve into the exciting features offered by exping:

🗺️ Creation

Private/Public Maps

Click "+Create Map" to embark on crafting your inaugural map!

What's more, you're vested with the authority to alter map visibility anytime, be it for sharing with others or squirreling away for personal use- you call the shots!

Customizing Marks

Adding detailing info to location markers offers an insight into your style and preferences.

  • 😄 Emoji Markers Choose from a wide array of emojis to highlight locations, injecting personality into your map.
  • 🏷️ Custom Tags Shake off the dull pre-set tags, by introducing customized tags that depict the location's charm, facilitating a more refined impression.
  • 🕸 Visualized Ratings Assign ratings to locations via intuitive draggable emojis, with radar charts presenting a multi-faceted review, simplifying location assessments.
  • 📷 Pictures Enrich your location's representation by uploading compelling photos.
  • ✍ 🏻 Description Jot down any noteworthy points or personal commentary regarding the location.

Curation Mode

In the map editing page's lower-left corner, you can switch to Curation Mode.
By navigating here, you can morph your map into an article. This augmented approach combines the power of vivid imagery and compelling text to encapsulate and convey your unique taste to a broader audience.

Exporting in Bulk

Once you finish crafting your map, tap on "Export" located in the upper right corner of the map editing interface. This action converts your map into an engaging poster ready to be shared widely.

Exports will include the "Map Cover + Location Posters." Slide left or right to preview the export outcomes.

Follow these steps to amp up the fun in your mapping experience👇

  • Map Tweaking: Scale and drag within the map area on the cover to highlight your preferred geographical scope
  • Place Adjustments: Strategically choose four place names to feature on your map cover
  • Background: Rotate through different background color schemes that best align with your map's theme
  • Map Styling: Cycle between street view, dark-colored, or minimalist map styles
  • Labels/Notes: Opt for either showcasing labels or mini-tour guides
    Tip: Complete place info leads to a more enlightening poster!

🔍 Exploration

This is the taste community of all explorers. Through sharing posts and maps, we assemble a network of explorers for engaging discussions, shared experiences, taste revelations, and idea exchanges.

Subscribe to Maps

If you stumble upon a map that piques your interest, you can bookmark it and subscribe for updates. You'll be the first to know when new locations are added.

Publish posts

Regardless of time and place, you can use exping to chronicle your taste preferences. Just mark a place, include topics, and publish your post. This way, more people can discover the unique niches you've explored.

Nearby interest point

Embark on an adventure exploring intriguing sites close by - a map holds the key to limitless exploratory journeys.

Interaction and Sharing

  • Follow: Stay tuned with your favoured topics, locations, and users
  • Bookmark: Store the noteworthy posts, locations, and maps
  • Comment: Feel free to voice your thoughts on any imprints or maps
  • React: Express yourself with emojis on the posts made by other users

We're thrilled that exping, during its internal testing phase, harnessed a group of pioneering creators.

We're grateful for their active involvement and constant feedback which have significantly shaped the growth of exping, paving the way for today's successful launch.

On this landmark day, we extend our heartfelt invitation for you to join as a creator on exping.

Our ultimate goal is for you to find joy in map creation through exping, fostering a deeper love and unabridged courage to explore unknown territories in the physical realm.

We're firm believers that map creation goes beyond leaving a trail, but it also unravels personal value creation.
Come on board at exping and chart your unique flavor map!"

Jul 7, 2021

exping starts here

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