Members Benefits


exp+ is the membership service of exping, and it is also the term used for exping members.

exp, exploring, experiencing.

exp+ represents more possibilities, constantly evolving features, greater freedom in map creation, and being used by more people...

exp+ also signifies our commitment to bringing an ultimate map creation experience and the confidence in continuously providing services to everyone.

The membership service caters to various scenarios for different map creators, unlocking multiple advanced features and experiences, making your map creation more customizable and personalized.


Membership Interests

exp+ is exping's membership service, introduced to meet the diverse needs of different creators through paid and advanced marking services. Upon purchasing exp+, you will unlock various advanced features and new experiences, enhancing the joy of map creation!

Subscription Prices

Users Month Annual
Apple Users USD$4.99 USD$25.99
Android Users USD$4.99 USD$25.99

If you are planning for a single trip or using it for other short-term scenarios (such as team building, offline event planning, etc.), we recommend becoming a 'Monthly Member.' If you have long-term usage needs for Exping, such as business location distribution maps, project research routes, pet feeding maps, etc., we recommend becoming an 'Annual Member.

Become an exp+ member and you can unlock interesting advanced features:

Features Regular Users exp+
Custom Marker 🚫
Quick Link 🚫
Exclusive App Icon 🚫
Map Style 3 All
Collaborative Map 1 Unlimited
Collaborators 3 50
Edit History 3 days 30 days
Numbers of Route 3 20
Routes’s Places 20 50
Groups in Map 3 20

We have also prepared introduction videos for each feature. Please check them out on the APP membership details page.

Stay tuned, as we have more enriching value-added services coming online in the future.

Changes in Benefits

  • After the expiration of your exp+ membership, if not specified otherwise, your benefits will change according to the following rules:

    • Custom Marker: You can still see and use the icons you had, but you can't add new ones.
    • Map Style: The map styles you've used as a member will still be visible. However, once you switch to other free styles, you can't select the member map styles again.
    • Add Place: If you have added more than 20 places on a single route, you can still modify them, but you can't add new places.
    • Add Route: If you have added more than 3 routes in a single group, you can still modify them, but you can't add new routes.
    • Add Group: If you have added more than 3 groups on a single map, you can still modify them, but you can't add new groups.
    • Collaborative Map: You can still modify the content created using member features in the past, but you can't add new content.
    • Exclusive App Icon: You can still freely switch between all app icons.
  • Early Deduction for Unexpired Membership
    To ensure your benefits, the subscription package in effect is usually billed about 24 hours before the subscription period expires.