Advanced Tips

Now you can add quicklink to places on the map, support inputting links/phones/emails/texts, and the system will automatically recognize the application and display it on the map.

With one click, you can make calls to customers, jump to applications, copy text, etc. One map fully connects your work and life.


How to add quicklink?

  1. On the map editing page, click to enter the single location editing page and click "Quick Link”
  2. Paste the link/email/phone/text you want to jump to
  3. Automatically identify icons based on pasted content
  4. Custom command name
  5. Save and return to the map, click the command icon to jump quickly


Use scenarios

01 Make a travel guide

When you decide to go to a city, you may search for relevant travel guides on major information platforms—worthy attractions, must-eat delicacies, etc.

At this time, you can directly add links to relevant posts (Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.) to the location. Click the link during the trip to jump directly to the original post to view the guide, which is very convenient.

You can even add the ticket purchase entrance of the attraction to the location, and when you are sure you want to go, click directly on the map to jump to the ticket purchase page.

Map Case:Travel in Eastern Canada✈️

02 Music Festival/Concert Map

When you plan to go to a music festival or concert with your friends, invite your friends to mark the location on the map, and add the ticket grabbing link for each music festival or concert to the location in advance , jump directly to the ticket grabbing page to reduce communication costs.

03 Offline event planning

When you need to plan a theme event (cycling-friendly plan, coffee festival map, food festival map, etc.), you can mark the venue and participating merchant stores on the map.

Add quicklink commands (ticket purchase links, event questionnaires, merchant lists, etc.) to the venue location, and add contact numbers, social media accounts, evaluation experiences, etc. to the merchant store location.

It allows you to fully connect all aspects of offline activities through a map rich in information.

04 Customer cooperation

You can use grouping to classify and mark customer locations according to customer cooperation status (visited, to be visited, already cooperated), and link the customer's contact number to the location, so that you can clearly and intuitively know the customer's location and contact information with one click. dial number.

05 Learning records

If you are studying geography, tourism management, history and other majors related to places, you can mark the place knowledge you have learned on the map.

It helps you understand the location of the place in the book more clearly and intuitively, and embeds the relevant introductory articles, historical documents, topic research and other links of the place into the place, and you can view it at any time by clicking on it.

In addition to the above usage scenarios, quicklink commands can also be applied to more scenarios in life and work. You can embed relevant shortcut commands in locations according to your own map themes and map creation needs, making your work and life more convenient.