Event plan

Use Cases

When you are an "event planner" and need to plan a themed event, such as a cycling-friendly plan, food festival, coffee festival, beer festival, etc.

At this time, you can mark the location of this event and all merchant stores participating in this event on the map, and attach the merchant's contact number, online menu and other shortcut instructions. In this way, one map can be used to fully connect all aspects of offline activities, allowing everyone to easily follow the map to participate in the activities.

For example, create a map of NRF2024

  1. First create a map and name it after the event theme
  2. On the map editing page, click "+Group”
  3. Customize the group name and add locations within the group


Try the following operations, making map more suitable for the theme and scene:

01 Upload the business logo as the location icon

  1. On the map editing page, click the location name
  2. Then click the upload icon
  3. Select the "picture" from album and crop it to the appropriate position


02 Add rang stickers

Click "Sticker" in the lower right corner, select a Venue picture from the album as "base maps" in the corresponding places.


Use quicklink to enter the business phone number, registration link, etc.