Import map

Advanced Tips

In order to allow everyone to record their locations in exping more quickly, we have successively supported data import from various third-party platforms. Currently, the platforms that can be imported are Apple Maps "Guide", and Google Maps "Saved List".

How to find the corresponding link?

Apple Map

  1. Open Apple Maps, drag up and enter "My Guide”
  2. Select the guide you want to import, drag it upward, click the share icon, and copy the guide link
Apple Map.jpg

Google Map

  1. Click "Saved" and select the list to be imported
  2. Click the share icon to copy the list link
Google Map.jpg

How to import exping?

  1. Return to exping's "Creation" and click the import icon in the upper right corner
  2. Paste link
  3. Click "Import" to mark the location on the map