Nov 24, 2023

Version_1.8.0.jpgRoute has always been the most popular feature on exping, and the brand new Freeform Routes will enhance the route experience even more.

Using places to generate routes is a fast choice, but Freeform Routes gives routes more possibilities. You can draw routes directly on the map as you wish, and the generated path is entirely your personalized design.

With a simple touch of the screen, you can mark points and connect them to form a new route, creating a uniquely crafted route planning.

Come and experience the brand new free route editing and share the fun of creation with friends! More about Route 2.0


  • Create a route via freeform draw
  • Point-marking for route creation
  • More route options
  • Optimized transportation adjustment experience


  • Supports custom route color
  • Display the total mileage of the route


  • One-click copy exping ID
  • Optimized route planning experience in some areas
  • New exp+ membership exclusive icon
  • Fixed known issues