Say goodbye to "Post"
Clu·Nov 24, 2023·19 min read


Our dear explorers, we regret to break to you that, the “Post” feature will be permanently offline starting from January 1, 2024.

All these years, posts have served as a testament to the countless explorative steps you’ve taken, capturing our shared moments piece by piece. Leveraging locations, it connected people, offering explorers a glimpse into each other’s memories.

The ability to chronicle and share the joys of exploration through words and images was a privilege for every explorer.

All good times will eventually come to an end. After careful consideration, exping has decided to shut down the post function and focus more on being a map creation tool.

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The “Post” is a precious space for explorers to record footprints and share memories.

Here, every explorer can record the scenery in front of them in the form of text and pictures, describing what they see and feel.

Unlike maps that focus on routes and planning, the post pays more attention to specific locations — here and now. In the post, different explorers leave their own stories at the same location, and these bits and pieces reflect their shared memories.

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The post feature used places as the binding factor, interconnecting a vast array of explorers' footsteps. In this warm community, explorers across the globe converged to interchange snippets from their life and travels. They caught glimpses of each other's tales while contributing their own in the mix.

It served as an exclusive corner for explorers to share fare. The place where they sculpted memories with text and images, interwove past and future instances using locations, and bore witness to the elements of exploration.

This is what the map taste community wanted to show during the exping 1.0. In our continuous exploration, we found that users have more ways to play and space on the map, not limited to taste and recording. Therefore, in the direction of exping 2.0, we hope to focus more on "map creation tools" rather than "map-like social software".

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We hope that "maps" can become a new form of expression, like texts, drawing, photos and even videos. They can vividly tell a story and display a world. This is also the original intention of exping as a map creation tool.

At the same time, people's social needs are broad and diverse, and should not be limited to a certain software or platform. Therefore, we believe that exping should not become a closed social software.

We hope that users can share their own map creations on various social platforms through sharing links, making posters and so on. In the future, we will further improve the support of the Web side to make the spread of map creation more open.

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Due to adjustments in product positioning and operational strategies, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the “Post” feature.This means the end of a good time for every explorer, but a broader road of exploration is still waiting ahead.


The closure of the post does not mean the end of exploration. The road of exploration continues, and maps can still be the best carrier for us to tell stories, leave footprints, and express memories.

Record detailed information in Curation

In the brand-new Curation, explorers can freely add rich text descriptions, supplemented by various pictures, and describe every bit of the location in a rich form, which is very similar to our experience of recording journeys in the post.

The drag-and-drop interaction in Curation allows text and images to be better combined and arranged to help you tell the story of each location in a clear and logical way.

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Record more information in POI

If explorers want to bind personal stories more tightly with places, they can also edit the place introduction in the details page, upload various related pictures, and integrate their unique exploration experiences into the memory description of the location. Map-browsing explorers can understand the exploration story contained in it through the details page of the location.

In the future, we will also open up more intercommunication capabilities to achieve cross-map copying of places, allowing the details and the stories they carry to flow. Each step of the explorer will not be restricted to a certain map, but can freely flow between maps along with the place.

Your riveting exploration narratives can be discovered by an even larger audience.

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Broadcast your maps on social networking

After recording places full of stories, explorers can also choose to generate place posters and share these story-rich places on other social platforms. Audiences can get detailed information about this place by scanning the QR code on the map poster.

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For those aspiring to offer a more immersive locale experience to viewers, sharing the entire link to the map makes an ideal choice. This opens doors for more interested folks to delve into this map of tales, enjoying a vibrant exploration journey.


Every precious memory should be properly preserved. After the official offline of the post, the post data will be handled in the following ways:

  1. Each explorer will automatically get an exclusive map named "My Post Map". All posts created by explorers will be converted into places on the map, with the text and image content fully preserved. You can review the posts as if you were browsing the map.

  2. If explorers want to take away the post data, they can get all the posts exported into a zip file by going through [Settings > Export > Export Post Data]. We will provide this function in future iterations.

  3. Post collected belong to other explorers' memories and will not be saved to respect the privacy of all creators.

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We understand that it's hard for every explorer to say goodbye to the post.

The post records our joint growth process and witnesses every bit of each other. But we believe that through creating maps, these memories can still continue and be passed on.

In the future, we encourage everyone to record place details in the Curation, upload pictures in POI, and organize and convey their own stories through maps. Maps will not only be tools but also become a brand-new way of expression.

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This marks the onset of a new chapter, also a commemorative one. Thank you once again for your years of support for Post. We sincerely look forward to continuing to walk alongside you, exerting more imagination on the road of map creation.

If you have any questions about data export and preservation, please feel free to contact us at Our team will be dedicated to providing you with help.

-From Clu