Adding images in exping Web

Dec 14, 2023

web_0.5.0.jpgWe are excited to announce the release of exping Web 0.5, which brings a new way to add images to maps. Compared to the App version, Web adds unique features such as batch images upload, copy-paste images, and dragging and dropping images into the browser.
You can now quickly add images to any location on the map to create unique and personalized map content.


  • System Stickers: Supports adding system stickers to the map by clicking or dragging and dropping.
  • Upload Images: Supports uploading custom images by selecting, dragging and dropping, or context menu.
  • Edit Stickers: Supports adjusting the transparency and size of images.
  • Custom Icons: Supports uploading custom icons for markers.

Learn more about the exping Web 0.5 version →