exping Web launched

Oct 23, 2023

web_0.4.0.jpgexping Web has finally launched and is now available to everyone! ๐ŸŽ‰

You can use the following features to create your map. We hope that the web version will provide you with a more flexible map editing experience.

  • Marking places๏ผšSearch places or freely mark them on the map. Select various emojis for different places express your .

  • Route Planning: View all places on the map, select them to create different routes, and craft your own unique plan.

  • Group Management: Easily organize routes and places into customized categories. Bring concepts and narratives to life through thematic mapping.

The design and development of the web version are also a journey of exploration for the team. We are not only considering how to present exping in a larger space, but also exploring different interaction and new ideas, making us feel more like "recreating" exping.

We hope that you can once again experience the joy of map creation on the exping web version. If you have any better ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send an email to hello@exping.world.

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