Explore more exquisite map Stickers

Dec 29, 2023

Version_1.8.2.jpgMAP STICKER is one of the favorite features among our community of explorers, and with the exping 1.8.2 update, we've meticulously enhanced this feature.

Now, stickers can be freely rotated and duplicated, and can even be embedded within routes, causing every nook of your map to burst with unique patterns.

Stickers can effectively help explorers fill in details and express creativity. We are eager to see more usage of stickers on your map.


  • Rotational placement of stickers
  • Sticker cropping
  • Duplicate stickers
  • Support for Transparent PNG format
  • Ability to add stickers to routes


  • Support for adjusting the order in the Creation
  • Streamlined performance across various interfaces
  • Fixed known issues