Brand new 3D map viewing

Dec 22, 2022

Brand new 3D map viewing and editing perspective

You can now use two fingers to change the perspective of the map, edit and view the map in 3D. Embrace every corner of the map from a different perspective.

Smooth and stable map editing experience

We have deeply optimized the core experience of the map. all operations respond more quickly and stably, and the map moves smoothly. ProMotion users can also experience a more stable high refresh rate experience.

Merry Christmas map style

To welcome the arrival of Christmas, we have launched a brand new "Merry Christmas" map style, as well as many fun and cute Christmas stickers. Come and add these Christmas elements to the map poster and share them with your good friends.

New map styles for exp+

We have customized the new "Winter Snow" and "Apple Style" map styles for exp+ users, with rich 3D elements in the map styles, come and explore together.

Other updates

  • Long press route to delete
  • Multiple new posters stickers
  • Optimized part of the map editing experience.
  • Optimized poster editing experience.
  • Fixed known bugs.

Ideas are always welcome, drop us an email to share your thoughts: