How To Create A Custom Map With Multiple Pins
Jack·Nov 14, 2023·13 min read


Maps are very useful in our daily lives. For example, we can use maps to record places we've been, pin locations, and add photos, thoughts and other information. Over time, the map becomes memories of our life journey. When we want to reminisce about a period of time, we just need to open the map and the memories come flooding back.

Maps can also be used to plan travel itineraries, and even help improve work efficiency, such as recording and managing customer visit locations, planning delivery routes, and organizing joint festival events with business partners.

Building a customized map may seem complicated, but it is surprisingly easy. This article will introduce how to make personalized maps using Google Maps and exping-map marker.

Google Maps vs exping

Google Maps is a widely known mapping tool with rich geographical information and easy to use. But if you want a personalized, aesthetic, and easy-to-use map creation tool, you can use exping-map marker. The choice depends on your personal needs.

Custom a Google Map

Google Maps supports creating custom maps by manually or bulk adding markers. Let's look at how to create a custom map with multiple pins using Google My Maps:

  1. Go to Google Maps page

  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner

  3. Select "Your Places" in the menu

  4. Click the "Maps" tab in the top right corner

  5. Click "Create a New Map" at the bottom of the menu

  6. After entering the map creation page, you can rename the map by clicking on "Untitled Map"

  7. Click the 3 dots in Marker 2 to rename layers. You can create multiple layers for categorizing places and routes

  8. There are two ways to mark a location: click on the spot you want to add a marker in the map, or search for a specific place in the search box

  9. This will generate a marker on the map and pop up a window for editing the marker name, description, etc.
    Repeat the steps above to keep adding more markers. You'll have a robust custom map.

Create Personalized Maps with exping

exping is a personalized map creation tool that allows you to pin points and draw routes, with App and Website accessible anytime, anywhere. Compared to Google Maps, exping provides more customization options and richer functions, with simpler and smoother interactions.

Here are the steps to create a customized map on exping:

  1. Click the "+" button, create a map, and then modify the map title and cover image
    Untitled (2).jpeg
  2. Pin points. There are currently three ways to mark points for easy and fast pinning of places you want to go:
    • Add places via "Search"
    • Add any place by "Long press on map"
    • Create custom places
  3. Change and customize icons
    Untitled (3).jpeg
  4. Add more point information like notes, introduction, photos, links, tags and ratings. They can all be displayed on the map
    Untitled (2).png
  5. Use grouping to freely categorize routes and points. For example, when planning an itinerary, use groups to separate places to visit and routes for each day
    Untitled (4).jpeg
  6. Change map styles anytime
    Untitled (5).jpeg
  7. Share your map via link and export it as a poster to social media
    Untitled (6).jpeg
  8. Generate routes automatically, and more flexible route drawing features are coming soon

After the above steps, your map will look like this. You can also check out our map examples to learn more about exping's capabilities.


Google My Maps has less customization and complex workflows.

exping provides more custom options, more features, better map aesthetics, and simpler interactions, suitable for all users who want to create custom maps.

Choose the mapping tool based on your needs. If you want to make an informative, aesthetic and personalized map, exping is a great choice. Go ahead and try creating your unique map with exping!!