Express anything on map

Maps are your new canvas, unleash your creativity through boundless mapping. Map any idea, real or imagined.

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Unleash your mapmaking creativity

Unleash your inner cartographer with just point and click. Drop markers, find routes and change map style. The map is your blank page to explore!

Edit screenshot
Edit route animation
Mark Place
Plan routes
Picture record
Map style
Group management

Grouping & Storytelling

Easily organize locations, routes and places into customized categories. Bring concepts and narratives to life through thematic mapping.

Group screenshotGroupGroupexperexper

Tell the story of your map in great detail

Bring together your map creation inspiration into curation through the magic of pictures and words.

Walk, Fly, Voyage, Travel, Discover, Explore, Adventure Make you to preserve those moments that particularly capture your soul

Real-time collaborative map creation

Collaborate with your friends, family, classmates, or a team, insert inspiration for places or routes on the same map.

More than map marking

Enhance map content richer than traditional maps ever were.

Emojis on Map

Express your experience of places more playfully with emojis.

Diverse map styles
Create personalized and unique maps by combining scenarios and styles.
Customize poster
Customize poster sharing to accommodate various scenarios, by utilizing a variety of templates.
Stickers on Map
Add stickers effortlessly to any location of your maps. Drag and zoom them as you please.
Map Data Insights
Track the data of each map by diverse insights to make maps more valuable.
Share Poster

Everyone is curator

Freely crafting map, expressing any experiences and inspirations related to places.

Plan your travel easily

Whether it is a tour around or a long distance trip, just mark the attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc., you can easily generate multiple routes and manage your daily itinerary.

“Exping is a lifesaver for my 8-day tour from Toronto to Mississauga! I can break down daily routes, view total kilometers and mark sections with different colors!”

—— Travel in Eastern Canada

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Stephen Chu

Share experiences and taste

Based on taste, select and curate preferred locations with unique experiences and insights, then aggregate them on a themed map. This allows people who like and trust your taste to follow your experiences.

“I've gathered my favorite gourmet restaurants on Exping. Checkbox and grouping features simplify map creation and sharing, making it easy to locate and check off places.“

—— NYC's Food Map

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Event planning

Plan offline events with maps, real-time collaboration reduce communication costs with your team members. You can add event locations, times, and notes in one map.

“Planning a Halloween event with exping is fantastic! The dark map style, paired with Halloween emojis, allows everyone to view location and activity details on the map!”

—— LA Halloween Map 🎃💀☠️

Author avatar

Wai Yin Lau

Work assistant

Let the map become your work assistant, easily embed the website and personal contact information, directly reach the target customers through the map, and open a new customer acquisition channel.

“Exping offers a new customer acquisition channel for my leasing business. My team marked properties with photos and details. Clients can reach out or book inspections easily.“

—— Renting a home in Canada

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Map Collaboration

No need for face-to-face meetings, we can seamlessly collaborate through maps. Teams can share locations, mark positions, and edit detail in real-time. Real-time feedback provide flexibility and convenience for project implementation.

“I invited people like-minded people globally to collaborate on a map for studying sustainable living. Share map link in group chat, everyone can add locations, photos, and edit info in real-time!”

—— Research on sustainable living

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