Feb 2, 2024

Version_1.9.0.jpgExping 1.9 introduces a new collection and map import function. It opens up a new dimension of convenience and creativity, allowing creators to tap into a wealth of information from their existing maps, whenever they construct new maps or enhance existing ones.

All map assets can now be efficiently reused. In addition, exping has also improved the process of importing data from third-party maps, supporting the import of partial data as needed.

For creators, the collection, utilization, and dissemination of map assets constitute the creative journey's centerpiece. We firmly believe that these new collections and import functions will make creators find more convenience in collecting inspiration and weaving maps.


  • Support for collecting places / routes / maps

  • New preview page for collected content

  • Quickly add collected content to the map


  • Import data from other maps in map editing

  • Import collection data in map editing

  • Import third-party data in map editing


  • Fresh design of exp+ member center

  • Display of all places as default when browsing maps

  • Support for selecting part of third-party map data import

  • Fixed known issues