How to Plan a Trip on Map: Tips from a Travel Blogger
Amy·Apr 23, 2024·12 min read

For me, traveling isn't just about hopping from one spot to another; it's a way to explore the world and discover new facets of myself.

But let’s face it, planning the trip can often be the most challenging part before embarking on an unknown journey. Previously, I'd lean heavily on various travel apps for insights and jot down details across notebooks, Excel sheets, Google Maps and Apple Maps. In transit, maps apps couldn't navigate the entire route at once, forcing me to toggle between multiple apps. And after a few missteps, I've learned that not all travel guides are reliable...

This changed when a friend introduced me to exping by sharing a link while we were planning a trip. I discovered that marking locations, planning travel routes, adding activity information, and links could all be handled on a single map. Since then, exping has become my go-to helper for planning and a compass during my travels.

Before starting to plan, I prefer to check out real user-generated itineraries. I enjoy exploring other users' maps on exping’s Explore page and some travel notes on Facebook. This not only gives me different itinerary ideas and map-making inspirations, but also helps me find several off-the-beaten-path attractions.


My Approach to Travel Planning 🗺

1.Book Accommodation and Transport

Once I've decided on a destination, I usually look up and compare hotel prices on major booking sites, choosing accommodation based on reviews and location. I also book flights or other modes of transportation to and from the destination.

2.Create a Travel Map

With accommodation and transport sorted, I normally use exping to plan my daily itinerary. I start by creating a new map on exping, marking places I want to visit or directly importing links from my Google Maps Saved List or Apple Maps Guide into the map. This helps me visually see each location and adjust my itinerary based on actual geographic layout.


3.Use Group Feature to Organize Daily Routes

I typically use exping’s Group feature to plan routes by day, grouping nearby attractions together. I then generate routes based on the marked locations' distances and estimated visit times, and it's easy to adjust the order of places. Additionally, the route allows switching between different modes of transport and displays the total time required for the route.

行程规划en4 (1).jpg

4.Detail Management
Map/place Brief and Label serve act like my personal reminders. For instance, I note departure times, items to bring, or attraction details in the Brief; and museum closing time, entrance fee, and must-try restaurant dishes in the Labels. For essential ticketing links or reservation links, I place them in Quicklink for easy access.


What Surprises Me About exping 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Custom icons and emoji icons for locations are fun and make it easy to spot and categorize places on the map.

  • The Checks feature adds a sense of ceremony, perfect for exploring and checking places I've visited.

  • Being able to navigate an entire route directly, saves the hassle of entering locations repeatedly.

  • I can save other creators' routes and locations, and import them directly into my map, which is super convenient.

  • Maps can be made public, providing references for other users, and interacting in the comments section can reveal many interesting insights.

  • Multi-user planning tends to be more meticulous, and inviting friends to collaborative edit the map in real-time is much more efficient than verbal communication.

  • As someone who hates flipping through albums, I love adding photos to the map. When I look back on the journey, I can see both the places I visited and my own photos.

  • ……

行程规划5 (2).jpg

Planning a trip has become less of a daunting task and more of an enjoyable part of travel. Exping truly allows me to just grab my phone and gear and head out; it serves as my guidebook and navigator. I hope my sharing can help with your travel planning, whether for short trips or around-the-world adventures, enabling you to explore the world in a comfortable and enjoyable way!