How to Capture Your Travel Footprints and Memories on a Map

Alice·May 29, 2024·10 min read

Traveling has always been an experience of free exploration. Every time I return from a trip, I hope to preserve those beautiful memories, whether it's the scenic views along the way, the unique cultures, or those unforgettable moments. So, I started writing travel diaries. However, traditional travel journals often end up being a simple arrangement of words and photos, and I sometimes even struggle to capture my entire journey in writing.

Later, when I started using exping to plan my trips on a map, I discovered that I could also use it to record my journeys after the trips. There's nothing better than a map to integrate travel places, routes, photos, travel feelings, and interesting stories together. Exping isn’t just a tool for planning trips on a map; it's also my travel diary.

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Now, I’d like to share how I use exping to record my travel footprints, turning fragmented memories into a complete journey.

Create a Map

Firstly, in the exping App or on, create a new map and name it in the top left corner, adding a description about this map. Each map is a testament to a journey!

Record Each Travel Location

Trace the places you’ve visited by searching and adding locations to the map. You can also long-press on the map to directly add a marker at a specific spot. Moreover, clicking on the location icon allows you to change it to a fun emoji or upload a photo as the icon.

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Map Out Your Routes

Once you have marked all the locations on the map, you can start connecting these points and generate your travel route. So click on the route tool, start from the departure point, and click through all the locations you visited in sequence. Finally, click “generate” to generate the route.

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Add Travel Stories

When you create a location, you can add a description or a story to record what you saw, heard, and felt at this place in the location detail page. You can also upload photos you took at this place. This way, the photos from your trip are no longer just quietly lying in your album. Every time you click on this location on this map, those unique memories will slowly emerge.

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(Similarly, you can also add descriptions for the routes.)

What's even more special is that you can add photos directly at any position on the map, and the photos will adjust their size according to the map's zoom level. As more and more photos are added to the map, your travel story gradually unfolds in a detailed and vivid way. Over time, these locations, routes, and photos will become a precious memory. Whenever you want to relive the beautiful moments of your trip, just open exping, look at your travel map, and those little memories will come flooding back.

You can use exping to plan your itinerary before your trip as well, marking tourist spots and planning routes. During or after your trip, follow the steps above to add more unique memories to your travel map.

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Share Your Map

Now, your travel footprint map is complete! You can turn the map into a poster or copy the map link to share with family and friends, sharing this wonderful memory with them!

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The meaning of travel is not just to see new places; it’s about understanding yourself and the world through the journey. A travel memory map is a companion that records all of this. When you open that map again and look at the twinkling markers, recalling each place you visited, it's as if you are embarking on that wonderful journey once more.