Stickers on Route
Alice·Jan 4, 2024·4 min read

exping optimized the "Sticker on Map" feature, opening a new chapter in the 2024 map creation journey with version 1.8.2! Adding "Images/Stickers" to routes has become super easy!

Images in Routes

No longer just monotonous lines, the addition of images makes maps full of memories, where each marker represents a small tale.

  • Upload Images
    Create your route - click “Sticker” - “Import” - insert exping sticker or image from album. Make your route more vivid!

Frame 17225.jpg

  • Create Travel Diaries
    In addition to adding photos to the route, you can also insert pre-edited note images to record your emotions.

Frame 17234.png

Images Move Freely, Details Under Control!

Images are not confined to a single location anymore!

  • Select the sticker to enter edit mode — click the “rotate button” — sticker can be freely rotated.

Frame 17235.jpg

  • Sticker size cropping, rotation, and placement are all up to you!

截屏2024-01-04 下午4.02.44.png

Sticker Duplication

The "Duplicate" icon allows you to duplicate the original sticker with all parameters perfectly retained.

截屏2024-01-04 上午10.17.17.png

Come to Exping and explore!!