Quicklink — A new era for location interaction
Bunny·Jul 7, 2023·31 min read

Introducing an innovative feature Quicklink. This new functionality provides creators and users with convenient access points, enabling direct interaction with location-related extended information and streamlining the transition from browsing to action.

Quicklink transforms maps from mere information displays into interactive platforms, empowering locations with genuine operational capabilities.

This enhancement significantly improves the user experience and opens up broader creative possibilities for content creators. We'd like to take this opportunity to share the story behind this new location interaction feature.

Interactive information

Creators often use maps to illustrate their plans and stories. Marking locations and drawing routes on a map is akin to a painter applying colors to a canvas, bringing the overall picture to life.

However, a map shouldn't be a static image meant only for passive viewing. If the information doesn't facilitate navigation in the virtual world, it remains just a means of display, failing to bridge the gap between virtual and physical realms.

Traditionally, a good map was one that could directly guide you to your destination. While we still believe in this principle, we now extend this navigation capability beyond the physical world to the online sphere.

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Just as mobile navigation helps us locate places in the real world, we aim for virtual maps to guide us seamlessly through the digital landscape. Similar to how we freely explore cities in real life, moving from one intersection to another, online maps should respond to user interactions, instantly transporting them to desired locations.

Quicklink was developed with this vision in mind. It connects each location to tangible interactions and experiences, opening doors to virtual destinations for users.

From now on, locations on the map will feature interactive buttons. Through Quicklink, you can embed various information directly into the location, such as contact details, registration forms, food ordering options, purchase links, and sign-up forms. This allows users to access these functions with a single click, effectively bridging the gap between maps and reality, and truly connecting the virtual with the physical world.

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Quicklink supports parsing five types of content: websites (URLs), phone numbers, email addresses, text commands, and application URL schemes. It then matches these with corresponding quick actions.

Using Quicklink is straightforward. Simply copy the desired content and paste it into Quicklink. The system will automatically parse the content and, based on its type, select an appropriate action for Quicklink. It will also attach a corresponding icon as a visual cue for the action.

You only need to provide a concise and clear action name for the Quicklink, such as "Buy Now", "Book Tickets", "Contact Us", "Download Guide", or "Watch Intro Video". These descriptive names inform users of the Quicklink's function and guide them through the process.

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For map users, Quicklink entry points are visible at any location. A simple click on the Quicklink will directly perform the associated action, whether it's opening a specific website, making a phone call, sending an email, registering for an event, placing an order, or even launching a relevant app.

Here are some examples:

  • Paste a Bestbuy link into Quicklink and name it "Buy Now". Users clicking this will be redirected to the Taobao homepage.
  • Input the phone number 00-78268321 into Quicklink and label it "Customer Service". Clicking this will initiate a call to this number.
  • Enter the email address into Quicklink and name it "Product Inquiry". Users who click will be directed to their email client, ready to send a message to this address.
  • Use an application URL scheme like snssdk1128://live?room_id=XXXXXXXX in Quicklink and name it "Join Live Stream". Clicking this will open the stream app and join the specified live room.
  • Insert the text Command xxxxxxxx into Quicklink and label it "Copy Command". Users who click will have this text copied to their clipboard, ready to paste into the relevant application.

Value for Creators

01 For Individual Creators: Showcasing Personal Style

Travel enthusiasts form a significant part of the exping creator community. We invited some travelers to test the Quicklink feature in advance, and here's some feedback we received:

👋🏻 George:

As an avid traveler, I often plan trips with friends. I'm usually in charge of route planning. I mark interesting attractions and destinations on the exping map, gathering recommendations from platforms like Dianping and Xiaohongshu (RED), before sharing with my friends.

Now, with Quicklink, my maps are more interactive than ever. I can embed food recommendations, links to the best photo spots from Xiaohongshu, or short Douyin videos directly into the map annotations. When my friends browse the shared route, they can access this rich content with a single click, gaining a wealth of travel information.

This allows my friends to preview food options and photography tips for attractions beforehand, sparking more in-depth discussions about our upcoming adventure.

Qingdao Travel Guide (George):

When creating travel route maps, creators can now use Quicklink to add relevant webpage links such as official attraction websites and ticket booking pages. This makes it easy for other users to access the information they need. Readers can quickly jump to designated webpages for detailed travel information.

Creators can also mark local contact information at specific attractions or destinations, such as hotel reception numbers or tour guide contacts. This feature helps users easily connect with local contacts when they arrive, avoiding potential issues like getting lost or facing language barriers.

The versatility of links allows authors to package their curated text guides, detailed attraction information, and more into downloadable resources via Quicklink. Map users can directly download these materials for comprehensive pre-trip preparation. This creates a convenient way for interaction between creators and readers.

Moreover, video content is an effective way to introduce locations. Creators can embed video links from platforms like Bilibili and Douyin into location Quicklinks. Readers can then watch these videos with a single click, increasing video engagement rates. This also provides readers with a more immersive understanding of each location.

China World Cultural Heritage Atlas
China World Cultural Heritage Atlas

Quicklink enables creators to interact with readers more effectively, moving beyond simple information display to open up experiential channels in the virtual world. Readers can quickly access information and channels of interest through Quicklink, truly bridging the gap between browsing and action.

This not only expands the creative possibilities for individual creators but also enhances the interactivity and practicality of their content.

02 For Business Creators: Bridging Brands and Customers

We've noticed many guesthouse owners and real estate agents creating custom maps on exping and publishing them in private spaces. They directly mark property information on relevant map locations, attaching photos and describing the surrounding area to help potential customers easily browse properties.

Inspired by how creators use our platform, we've enhanced Quicklink. Now, guesthouse owners and real estate agents can add direct booking links to property locations. Potential customers can easily complete bookings by clicking "Book Now" in the Quicklink.

Quicklink opens up a new customer acquisition channel for business users. It seamlessly integrates various media like phone numbers, webpages, and videos, allowing businesses to reach target users directly through maps and guide them from browsing to purchasing. Compared to traditional telemarketing and online marketing, Quicklink offers more intuitive and convenient interactions, turning each location into a potential marketing touchpoint.

Many exping creators are involved in exhibition and event planning. They use maps to mark exhibitions and nearby facilities, clearly presenting each event station. With Quicklink, they can now embed registration forms and links directly into map locations, along with on-site guide contact information. Participants can make reservations, register, and inquire with a single click, significantly improving user acquisition rates and engagement for businesses.

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E-commerce creators can place store reservation links, order pages, and more directly on their map-annotated store locations. Users browsing the map can complete reservations or purchases with one click, facilitating the transition from browsing to consumption and potentially improving conversion rates.

Brick-and-mortar stores can add contact phone numbers, WeChat QR codes, and other contact methods directly to their map locations. This allows users to easily reach out to stores through the map, inquiring about business hours, product information, and more. This increased interaction between businesses and users makes information access more convenient.


Brands can also add video introductions of stores or products to their Quicklinks. This allows users to gain more vivid and detailed information while browsing the map, potentially increasing engagement. This feature has broad applications in industries such as tourism and hotel promotion.

Maps are evolving beyond mere information tools. They're becoming new channels for direct customer connection, effective means to stimulate user interest and action, and important bridges linking brands with customers.

exping supports direct embedding of interactive maps in Notion, allowing users to present collected locations and routes in an engaging format within documents. Both businesses and individuals can leverage Notion to quickly build content showcase pages, taking advantage of its simple yet customizable features.

For brand clients and social organizations, exping serves as a cost-effective No-Code business tool. It allows for map webpage embedding without additional development, enabling the showcase of chain stores, franchises, event venues, and public facilities. Through Quicklink, it provides audiences with more direct experiences, facilitating user conversion and communication.

Chengdu 31st Universiade Guide
Chengdu 31st Universiade Guide

New Interactions, New Expectations

With Quicklink, every location on the map becomes a portal of possibilities, connecting multiple forms of interaction. All map content can now be transformed into action with a single click. Information is no longer static; it becomes a gateway to exploration.

When you open a map now, you might find yourself anticipating what each location's Quicklink might offer. It's like a magic door, potentially leading to surprising discoveries.

We believe the introduction of Quicklink will revolutionize how people interact with maps. Maps are evolving beyond mere information carriers to become bridges connecting reality and the virtual world. This feature blurs the line between browsing and action, linking every location to rich experiences and interactions.

Quicklink transforms information into invitation, content into experience, making maps a vital bridge between creators and users.

At exping, we're excited to see more creators sharing their stories and content. We invite everyone who loves creation and sharing to experience Quicklink and start new dialogues with readers through our maps.