How to save a route on map: Google Maps vs exping

Jack·Mar 8, 2024·10 min read

Whether you're exploring a city through a city walk, embarking on a road trip across multiple regions, or taking public transportation for your journey, planning your route in advance and saving it can make your travels more seamless and efficient. It also preserves the memorable footsteps of your exploration. In this blog post, we will delve into two unique map applications Google Maps & exping and explore how to plan and save your travel routes using them.

How to save routes on mobile

Save the route using Google Maps

  1. Input your destination address in the Search field. Complete the remaining route details

  2. Tap the three vertical dots () in the top right corner

  3. Choose Add route to Home screen from the dropdown menu

  4. On the pop-up, tap ADD. The route will now appear as a shortcut icon on your home screen

Save the route using exping app

  1. Download the exping app, Search for your destination and mark it on the map

  2. Click on the route button, choose “Auto Plan”, and after selecting the locations, the route will be generated automatically and saved
    Untitled (1).png

  3. Another way to create a route is by drawing it manually. When you want to customize the route more freely, use “Freeform” feature. Draw the path with your finger on the map, and the route will be generated and saved automatically

  4. You can navigate the entire route using Google Maps
    Untitled (2).png

How to save routes on PC

Google Maps

You have three options for saving routes in Google Maps via your computer:

  • Send To Phone:
    Click the "Send To Phone" button, choose to send it to your phone or email

  • Link To Share:
    Click the "Link To Share" button, copy the link to share with friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, or other platforms

  • Print:
    Use a printer to print the map
    Untitled (3).png

exping web

  1. Open exping web, mark your destination on the map

  2. Click on the “route” button, and after selecting the locations, the route will be automatically generated and saved
    Untitled (4).png

  3. If logging in with the same account on the exping app, you can see the route. Additionally, you can copy the map link to share with friends or share it on social media
    Untitled (5).png

Additional Usage Tips for exping

  • Customizable Icons and Multiple Map Styles: On exping, you can add icons or customize icons for each location. It also supports various map styles, making your map more personalized

  • Multi-platform Import: exping allows importing map data from multiple platforms

  • Collaborative Editing: You can use exping to collaboratively create maps with friends, allowing multiple people to edit the map together


Google Maps is a powerful navigation tool, while exping is the ideal tool for creating personalized maps. Whether in your travels or daily life, a route is not just a navigation path; it's a way to leave behind your footsteps and stories. Use exping to document your journey and stories!