How to Drop the Pin on Maps: Guide for Mobile and PC

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How to Drop the Pin on Maps: Guide for Mobile and PC

Whether you're planning a trip, sharing specific locations, or just documenting an interesting place, dropping the pin on maps is a highly practical feature. In this blog post, we will explore how to perform this operation on map applications, including detailed steps for both desktop and mobile platforms.


What is a Pin? And what is its use?

A pin is a point on the map that marks a location you want to visit or record. You can accomplish various tasks using pins, including:

Recording and sharing your travel experiences

Choosing and arranging meeting points

Discovering and documenting new interesting places

What apps can help you achieve these functionalities?

Google Maps, Apple Maps

But I'd like to introduce epxing.

Unlike the map applications mentioned above, exping provides more customizable dropping options. For example, it supports customizing pin icons, adding descriptions, images, links, reviews, and more to locations. It also allows for the management of locations in groups, making it a highly practical location dropping tool.

Dropping the Pin with exping on Mobile

Start by downloading the exping app, available for both Android and iPhone.

exping currently supports two methods of dropping the pin, making it easier and faster to mark the places you want to go.

  1. On the map editing page, tap "Places" at the bottom.

  2. Before searching for a location, you can switch to the desired country.

  3. Enter the location in the search box.

  4. Pull down the search results list and select the desired location.

  5. Tap "Done" in the top right corner, and you will see the dropped pin upon returning.

Drop the Pin by Long-Pressing on the Map

  1. Move the map to the approximate location and long-press on the map to create any point.

  2. Display search results near the long-pressed location.

  3. If the search results already contain the desired location, select it.

  4. If the desired location is not in the search results, you can move the map to refresh the results or click "Mark Here."

Dropping the Pin with exping on Desktop

Dropping the Pin through Click

  1. Open the exping website's Creative Center.

  2. Click the location button at the bottom, click any point on the map, and leave a pin to mark it.

  3. Modify the location name or add notes.

  1. Enter the location name in the search box in the top right corner.

  2. Click the "+" next to the search result to mark it.

What Can You Do After Marking?

Customize Marker Icons

When adding a location, the default icon is ?. On the map editing page, click the location name or icon to change it to another emoji or upload a photo for a custom icon.

  1. Click on the location.

  2. Choose more, switch to other emojis.

  3. If none are suitable, you can upload a photo or another custom icon.

Add More Location Information

On the map editing page, click on the location name to enter the location editing interface and add notes, descriptions, photos, tags, ratings, and more.

  1. Tap "View" button in the top-right corner and click on the location you want to navigate to.

  2. Click on the corresponding location card at the bottom to view details.

  3. After entering the details page, click the navigation button to jump to navigation software.

Share with Friends

You can copy the link to share on social media platforms and invite friends to join your map for collaborative creation.

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