Hey! exping Has Officially Launched!
exping·Mar 21, 2022·24 min read

Hello~ It's been a while!

I'd like to start by expressing my gratitude towards the fans who've been consistently following Exping World, and to you who are currently reading this post.

The philosophy that Exping World has always strived to share is the hope that through our lens, we can guide everyone to explore and experience the wonders of the physical world. From time to time, we interview idealists who resonate with our values, the individuals we call Experts.

Besides guiding you to explore the fun and intriguing spots in Guangzhou, Exping also carries an additional mission.


Before we proceed, I'd like to share the stories of a few individuals:

  • Alice is a food enthusiast who enjoys sharing her experiences. She's visited and shared about numerous eateries in her city, enough to create a gastronomic map of the city. As for sharing, she doesn't want each isolated eatery to be expressed merely through images and text. She desires a more direct way to visualize every place she's visited.
  • Carl is an exhibition aficionado who relishes visiting new exhibitions in the city during his spare time. When it comes to sharing his exhibition visits, he views it as a private affair. He doesn't wish to publicly share the exhibitions he's visited. Instead, he prefers to record his journey in a personal journal, visible only to himself—his own private exploration map.
  • Zen is a coffee lover who visits different coffee shops every week. He places great emphasis on the quality of the coffee shops. The conventional methods of reviewing or presenting on rating platforms fail to quickly convey the unique traits and sensory experiences of each coffee shop. Moreover, he finds it challenging to tag each shop with his personal impressions.

The stories of these individuals were gathered over the past few months through conversations with friends from various walks of life. Everyone shared a common desire—to represent their experiences of different locations in the form of a map.

In these narratives, we heard the voices of content creators, shop explorers, and bloggers.

We've been contemplating if there could be a more innovative way to present personal exploration footprints and maps. Could these collections of maps be imbued with more significance and value?

Traditionally, the concept of footprints was fulfilled by continuously monitoring GPS to create a complete timeline linking various locations. This allowed for an intuitive understanding of geographical locations on a map.

Our goal is to record the distribution of each point and assist those who wish to express their experiences through maps in articulating their feelings about each location more effectively.

Placing markers isn't the only way to create a map

When you wish to share maps of various themes with friends or on your personal social media, you simply need to select the desired locations or shops on the map. This will generate a map that clearly indicates these locations (Check our Roadmap).

Alternatively, you can use vivid emojis to express your initial impression of a location, personalized tags to display your subjective feelings, and visualized reviews to make your evaluations more intuitive.

Exping has implemented all these features for you.

Upon opening exping, you'll encounter an astronaut symbolizing the spirit of exploration. This icon, known as Exper, represents individuals who seek adventure and experiences in their daily lives.

Perhaps, there's an Exper in all of us.

Now, let Exper guide you through the world of exping!


01. Create a map

Navigate to the homepage and access your creative center.

Click "+Create Map" to commence the creation of your first map!


02. Personalized Marking

Move beyond the monotony of single location markers. By enriching the information about each location, you can showcase your unique perspective and taste.


Fun Marking - Choose from a variety of playful emojis to mark locations. Express your feelings in a more engaging manner and add a personal touch to your map.


Custom Tags - Break free from the generic system tags. Create personalized tags to highlight the unique aspects of each location, rendering a more comprehensive impression of the place.


Visualized Reviews - Drag and drop emojis to rate locations. Showcase your multi-dimensional experiences through a visual representation, making your evaluations more intuitive.


03. Batch Export


Once you've finished creating your map, click on "Export" located in the upper right corner of the map interface. This allows you to utilize the powerful batch export functionality of exping.

The export includes a "Map Cover + Location Poster". You can preview the export by sliding left and right.


Feel free to play around with these buttons to add more personality to your map.

Adjust Map: Zoom in or out, drag the map area on the cover, and select the range of the map you want to showcase.

Adjust Location: You have the freedom to choose the names of 4 locations to display on the map cover.

Change Background: Alter the map background color to align with the map's theme.

Map Style: You have the option to switch between street, dark, and minimalist map styles.

Tag/Introduction: Depending on the requirements of the location, you can choose to display tags or introductions.


By clicking "Export All" in the upper right corner, you can batch export the map cover and location posters with just one click!

You can choose to make the map public to the exping community, or keep it private and visible only to yourself, the choice is yours!

04. Taste Community


Switch to exploration mode and immerse yourself in the exping Taste Community, a gathering place for creators' exploration footprints.

You can discover the exploration marks of other creators at nearby points of interest, always uncovering many surprises around you.


Explore city imprints, which include a collection of taste maps that creators have shared with the community - such as "Taste City Record March | What to eat today", "Guangzhou Spring Flower Viewing Map", "Eat all over Nanjing with Egg", "Dali Memoirs", "Chengdu Food, Drink, Play and Fun Awards", "Explore Jinan"......


Each map reflects the unique insights of the creator into each city and each location, documenting the stories of creators' city explorations.

You can also browse the marks of other creators on the recommendation page, follow creators who share your taste, and engage in close interactions with those who resonate with you.


The exping community fosters connections between creators through the sharing of marks and maps, encouraging discussion, sharing of experiences, and exchange of ideas.

05. More Features Coming Soon

exping values your input and support. We would appreciate it if you could prioritize the upcoming features. Which one are you most excited about? Feel free to leave us a message on our public account (Exping World).

06. exping & Creators

We are fortunate that during our beta stage, exping has attracted our first batch of creators.

We are grateful for their active participation and support throughout exping's growth. Their experiences and feedback have contributed to the successful launch of exping today.


"I quickly put together a 'Weekend with the Dog' map for dog parents and shared it with everyone very conveniently." —— Hammer's Exclusive Poop Picker


"I use exping to organize the places I've been to, so I don't have to manually spend a lot of time marking them on the map. It's quite convenient." —— Carl Carl


"I was pleasantly surprised by exping's export function and experienced the fun of efficiently creating maps." —— Cici

On this important day, we formally invite you to become a creator of exping.

We hope that you can experience the joy of map creation with exping, encouraging you to love and dare to experience and explore the unknown offline.

We believe that map creation is not only a way to record footprints but can also create personal value.

Come join exping and create your taste map!