Introducing Place Checks

Cici·Sep 29, 2023·9 min read

Introducing Place Checks. Update to the latest version to experience it!
You can add Checks for individual locations or all locations on the map. Checks are used to record location-related statuses or events. When you share the map with your friends, they can also participate in the Check-in activities.

Place Checks Features

  • Tags: Customize the name of the Checks, such as activity check-in, sign-in, voting, or visit.
  • Allow others to use: Visitors can also use the Checks feature.
  • Allow others to see the total number of Checks: Visitors can see the total number of Checks when browsing the map.
  • Check-in Range: Set the range for Checks. Visitors can only use the Checks feature within the specified area.
  • Default Checks: You can add a set of unified Checks for the entire map at once.


1. Travel Destination Check-ins

Before setting off on a trip, set a global default Checks for your travel map. During the journey, you can check in at the actual visited destinations, creating a personalized travel Check-in map.

案例 - 5.jpg

2. Store Visit Check-ins

If you are a store visit enthusiast, you can mark the stores you want to check in on the map. After visiting in person, you can check in as "Visited" at those stores, recording your own store visit Check-in map.

案例 - 4.jpg

3. Offline Activity Check-ins

For Individuals: When you want to participate in an offline Check-in activity, such as stamp collecting or cycling events, you can mark the locations or routes of the activity on the map. When participating, you can record your own check-in and view your check-in progress at any time.

For Businesses: When you need to hold an offline event, such as a coffee festival or bread festival, you can mark the event venue and participating offline stores on the map.

You can also add a Check-in Range at the event venue, so the Checks can only be used within the specified range. This allows you to obtain effective Check-in data analysis to help assess the number of visitors and the event's reach.

案例 - 6.jpg

4. Customer Visit / Business Cooperation / Delivery Check-ins

Whether it's customer visits, business cooperation, or delivery, you can directly mark your visit status, cooperation progress, or delivery status on the map using the Checks feature. This allows you to clearly track and understand the completion of your work.

In addition to the above scenarios, the Checks can be applied to even more situations. For example, in event planning, the Checks can serve as a voting or screening function, assisting in the decision-making process of the event's early stages.

How to Enable Place Checks

1. Enable Check-ins for a Single Location

Click on a single location > Enter the location details page > Click on Checks > Add Checks related parameters


2. Enable Global Default Checks Tags

Go to Map Editing > Click the top right corner to enter the “More” > Map Preset > Turn on the “Place Checks“ button


For those who have travel plans during the upcoming National Day holiday, come and experience the Checks feature and create your own National Day travel Check-in map!