Meet Life by exping

The Birth of Life

Hello everyone, the new product from the Exping team, Life, has been released on TestFlight. Now, we finally get the chance to share some of the thoughts behind the design and development of this product with you.

From the outset, we recognized that in personal life scenarios, or when creating a personal exclusive map, we don't necessarily need the comprehensive functionality of the original exping. Thus, Life emerged as a product tailored for such needs. Life will concentrate on personal life and map marking, which also explains the origin of its name.

How is it Different from exping app?

As mentioned above, Life will emphasize providing individuals with a simpler and more intuitive map marking experience. In Life, you have only one map, and we hope all your records will be in this world map, much like a reflection of real life, while exping app will continue to focus on being a more comprehensive map marking tool.

Moreover, speaking of integrating into life, the phone is undoubtedly one of our most important life companions. Life will attempt to integrate various native capabilities of smartphones for planning, especially integrating various system application capabilities within the Apple, which is a direction we are eager to explore. Life is developed using SwiftUI, so unfortunately, there will only be an iOS version, but we're pleased to announce that Life will adapt to multiple platforms as much as possible within the Apple.

What Can Life Do Now?

Multiple Ways to Add Places

Photos capture countless precious moments in our lives. In the first version of Life, we already support uploading photos to add places and directly sharing from the album to Life to add places.

You can also quickly add places by clicking on the map directly.

In addition, if you want to add specific known places, we also support searching to add, allowing for quicker and more convenient map marking through various methods.

Edit Your Place Information

Add more personality to each place. Currently, we support editing some place information, including modifying emojis, adding photos, and changing names.

Generate Routes

Life supports generating routes, allowing you to clearly see the relationships between various places in your life, discovering your life trajectory, and also providing preliminary support for route navigation.

Share Place Posters

After creating your map, you can make unique area or place posters in Life and share your life and discoveries with friends.

At last

We welcome you to continue following the updates of Life. In future versions, Life will bring you more surprises, and we also look forward to you discovering more possibilities and providing feedback while using it.

Feel free to contact us anytime through the "Feedback" option in the app's "Settings" or by emailing